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Protect Your Drivers, Increase Productivity

2-track gives you peace of mind with the ability to ensure customers are satisfied and employees are protected. GPS and dash cam solutions are tools for your business to improve performance, customer satisfaction, and overall business operations. Resolve customer conflicts with proof of delivery and location validation.

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Light Duty

Pickup Trucks, Passenger Vehicles & Delivery Vans can be equipped with an OBDII Plug'n Play or 2-Wired Covert installed GPS Tracking Device offering location, vehicle diagnostics, and driver behavior.

Dash Cam

A continuously recording dash cam where event based HD (1080p) video clips are auto-uploaded to a video management web application. Excellent for driver training, fraud, and exoneration.

Heavy Duty

Diesel powered vehicles such as Big Rigs, Buses, Commercial, and Agricultural Equipment requiring specialized vehicle connectors such as J1708/J1939 or other specialized diagnostic protocols.

Temperature Monitoring

Monitor and record the temperature of your trailer or cargo area to ensure perishables arrive unharmed. Receive alerts and notifications when temperature exceeds desired limits.

Deliveries On-Time & Undisputed.
Real Time Delivery Monitoring

Access up-to-the minute location information to keep your customers informed.

Dash Cam Video Protection

Use Dash Cams to protect your drivers & passengers with recorded, event-triggered HD quality video clips in the cloud.

Location Sharing
Improve Driver Safety

Lower insurance claims and rates by coaching drivers from accurate driver behavior scorecards.

Invite customers to monitor their pickup ETA via SMS/email message. Share a link that shows vehicle location that expires.

Vehicle Management

Defined Geofences can alert when vehicles arrive/depart key locations such as airports, hotels, and convention centers.




Reduced Fuel Costs

Increased On-Time Delivery

More Productive

Validate Vehicle Location

Confirm vehicle routes, wait times, and arrival times of your entire fleet.

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