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Dock-to-Dock Shipment Monitoring

Improve Operations, Lower Costs & Streamline Your Fleet

2-track provides dock-to-dock fleet management tools and solutions to keep your fleet running efficiently by lowering costs and improving delivery times. Together, we can keep your drivers safe, vehicles maintained, and operations running smoothly down to the last mile.


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Light Duty

Pickup Trucks, Passenger Vehicles & Delivery Vans can be equipped with an OBDII Plug'n Play or 2-Wired Covert installed GPS Tracking Device offering location, vehicle diagnostics, and driver behavior.

Dash Cam

A continuously recording DashCam where event based HD (1080p) video clips are auto-uploaded to a video management web application. Excellent for driver training, fraud, and exoneration.

Heavy Duty

Diesel powered vehicles such as Big Rigs, Buses, Commercial, and Agricultural Equipment requiring specialized vehicle connectors such as J1708/J1939 or other specialized diagnostic protocols.

Temperature Monitoring
Trailer Tracker

Monitor & record the temperature of your trailer or cargo area to ensure perishables arrives unharmed. Receive alerts & notifications when temperature exceeds desired limits.

Powered or unpowered trailer tracking is supported with GPS devices with a wide variety of battery life and functionality. Be updated with its locations daily, when in motion, and when relocated.

More Efficient. More Miles. Bigger Bottom Line.
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Improve Bottom Line

Increase revenue by up to 20% by being on time, every time.

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Reduce Labor Costs

Efficient fleets can yield up to a $5,000/year in reduced labor expense by improving operations.

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Lower Fuel Costs
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Increase Revenue

Companies yield up to 25% increase in revenue when they deploy GPS solutions across their fleet.

Reducing idle time and speeding can improve fuel consumption by up to 13%

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Improve Fleet Supervision and Safety

Improve driver safety and reduce up to 66% of driving habits that lead to accidents.

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Save Time

Whether on the road or in the office, time is money. Save up t0 10% on each and every trip.

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Reduction in Idle Times

Reduction in Crashes

Reduction in Fuel Costs

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