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2-track offers many types and styles of GPS Tracking Devices to meet your needs.



The MF2830 high value asset tracker features a small size, superior GPS performance and a 5.2Ah internal-rechargeable battery. The MF2830 is a complete asset/vehicle and communications device incorporating next-generation, super sensitive GPS technology on cellular networks for installation on any 12 / 24 volt powered vehicle, asset or equipment. The superior internal cellular and GPS antennas eliminate the need for external antennas making the MF2830 mountable virtually anywhere.

You can use the MF2830 on any 12/14 volt powered equipment or vehicle.


MF2830 can help you monitor vehicle location and usage behaviors.

The MF2830 is a high value asset tracker when paired with a Starter Interrupt Kit.


Discover the power of the MF2830

IP66 Rating

Real-Time Monitoring

Increase Asset Utilization


Long Term Installations

Save Time

Location Management

Theft Preventioin

Internal Battery (up to 6 months)

The MF2830 weatherproof, complete vehicle tracking device is designed for reliable, long-term deployments and is ideal for assets that are tethered but may sit disconnected for periods of time. Equipped with a rechargeable battery pack, powerful engine, precise GPS technology, this LTE device enables a broad array of use cases for asset management solutions.

The MF2830 is great for Asset Tracking, Trailer Tracking, Remote Monitoring, Long-term Deployments, Temperature Monitoring, and High Value Asset Monitoring.

- Ignition Status

- Motion Detection

- Battery Status

- GPS Location

- GPS Speed

- Vehicle Battery Voltage

- GPS Trip Odometer

- Idle Time

- Max Speed per Trip

- Device Removal Alert

- Remote Device Management

- Device-Side Logged Messages

- Internal Antenna

Variant I: CAT-1 (AT&T, TMO)
Bands: 2,4,5,12
Variant II: CAT-1 (Verizon)
Bands: 4,13


Reporting Frequency: 60 minute reporting while on internal battery, increases to 30 seconds when in motion and on power.

Installation Time: <20 Minutes

- Starter Interrupt

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