On-Site & Off-Site Asset Management

Increase Asset Utilization, Reduce Fuel Consumption & Prevent Theft

Whether you are on the job site or off, 2-track has you covered with tailored solutions which monitor your fleet's performance, efficiency, and location. With a wide range of device styles and configurations, 2-track can alert you of excess idling, prevent theft with started-interrupt, calculate engine run-time, and even alert you of vehicle arrival & departures.

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Light Duty

Pickup Trucks, Passenger Vehicles & Delivery Vans can be equipped with an OBDII Plug'n Play or 2-Wired Covert installed GPS Tracking Device offering location, vehicle diagnostics, and driver behavior.

Heavy Duty

Diesel powered vehicles such as Big Rigs, Buses, Commercial and Agricultural Equipment requiring specialized vehicle connectors such as J1708/J1939 or other specialized diagnostic protocols.

Trailer Tracker

Powered or Unpowered Trailer Tracking is supported with GPS Devices with a wide variety of battery life and functionality. Be updated with its location daily, when in motion and when relocated.

Asset Tracker

Location management of both powered and un-powered assets, such as construction equipment, trailers, cargo containers & more. Pings received daily and up to the minute when in motion.

Power Take Off

Monitoring of powered equipment, such as rental equipment, construction equipment, and more. Confirm where equipment is located and hours of use for maintenance and invoicing.

Increase Job Site Efficiency with GPS Solutions
Locate Missing & Stolen Equipment
Prevent Misuse of Equipment

Recover lost or stolen vehicles & equipment.

Monitor equipment usage during non-work hours.

Improve Asset Utilization
Verify Engine Run-Time

Learn what equipment is under utilized and not needed.

Lower Fuel Costs

Lower fuel cost by reducing vehicle and equipment idle time.

Confirm rental equipment usage by engine run-time.

Improve Driver Safety

Coach drivers and improve driver safety onsite and offsite.




Increase in Safety

Increase in Utilization

Increase in Efficiency

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