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Monitored Town Car & Shuttle Service Solution

Improve Efficiency, Increase Passenger Satisfaction

2-track and its mobile applications offers the hospitality industry a solution to monitor vehicle locations and provide customer pickup and departure times. GeoFence alerts assist business in keeping track of vehicle locations. Location sharing from the mobile app keeps clients informed of ETA by sharing a map via SMS or email.


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Light Duty

Pickup Trucks, Passenger Vehicles & Delivery Vans can be equipped with an OBDII Plug'n Play or 2-Wired Covert installed GPS Tracking Device offering location, vehicle diagnostics, and driver behavior.

Dash Cam

A continuously recording DashCam where event based HD (1080p) video clips are auto-uploaded to a video management web application. Excellent for driver training, fraud, and exoneration.

Asset Tracker

Location management of both powered and un-powered assets such as construction equipment, trailers cargo containers & more. Pings received daily and up to the minute when in motion.

Improve Passenger Experience
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Location Information

Receive up to the minute location information to validate vehicle location for passenger pickup & dropoff.

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DashCam Video Protection

Use DashCams to protect your drivers & passengers with recorded event triggered HD quality video clips in the cloud.

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Location Sharing
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Validate Vehicle Location

Invite customers to monitor their pickup ETA via SMS/email message - share a link that shows vehicle locations that expires.

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Vehicle Management

Defined GeoFences can alert when vehicles arrive/depart key locations, such as airports, hotels & convention centers.

Confirm vehicle routes, wait times, and arrival times of your entire fleet.

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Improve Driver Safety

Lower insurance claims and rates by coaching drivers from accurate driver behavior scorecards.

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Reduction in Fuel Expenses

Reduction in Speeding

Increase in Vehicle Utilizaiton

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