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2-track offers many types and styles of GPS Tracking Devices to meet your needs.



The MF3640 is our flagship offering which has the features, expandability, and flexibility with the intelligence to meet our customer’s ever-changing needs in fleet management. The MF3640 offers a full set of features, comprehensive I/O system and expandable accessories that make it an industry leading value proposition for vehicle telematics and connectivity. The onboard Light & Heavy Duty ECU interface and paired with a plug’n play vehicle connector cables makes this the ideal device for our Electronic Driver Log solution.

The MF3640 is BlueTooth enabled for seamless ELD Connectivity.


MF3640 can help you monitor vehicle location and usage behaviors.

The MF3640 provides a series of feature rich add-on possibilities.


Discover the power of the MF3640

LTE Connectivity

Driver Behavior

Vehicle Location Management

Real-Time Monitoring

Reduced Labor Cost

Lower Fuel Cost

Improve Driver Safety

BlueTooth Connectivity



Save Time

ELD Ready

The MF3640 is a next-generation telematics gateway designed to support enterprise applications requiring a robust set of fleet features. Equipped with built-in ECU (Engine Control Unit) vehicle interface technologies for both light and heavy duty vehicles. 

The MF3640 is a great solution for Enterprise Fleet, Transportation, Logistics, Vehicle Monitoring, and Maintenance applications for both light and heavy duty vehicles.

- Electronic Drive Log

- Harsh Acceleration
- Harsh Turning
- Harsh Braking
- Impact Detection
- GPS Location
- Speed
- Vehicle Battery Voltage
- Vehicle Idle Time
- Device Removal Alert
- Remote Device Management

- Device-Side Logged Messages

- Internal Antenna

- Driver ID (iButton)

- Starter Interrupt

- Temperature Probe

- Fuel Level Sensor

- Seat Belt Sensors

- RFID Reader


Reporting Frequency: 30 Seconds
Installation Time: <10 Minutes

Variant I: CAT-1 (AT&T, TMO)
Bands: 2,4,5,12
Variant II: CAT-1 (Verizon)
Bands: 4,13

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