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School Bus Location and Management

Students, Parents, Schools & Districts

Increase Visibility & Community Safety

2-track displays up to the minute bus location & engine diagnostics to maintain on-time passenger pick up and drop off. Monitor a single bus or your entire fleet, and keep track of their location, history, and vehicle performance. Customize geofence locations and receive alerts and notifications when the vehicle arrives and departs. 2-track brings peace of mind and protects your students, drivers, and community.

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Real-Time Monitoring

Remotely manage your fleet with accurate up to the minute location information.

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Alerts & Notifications
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Be notified of triggered events such as speeding events, harsh driving behaviors, and departure/arrival times.

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Historical Reporting
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Verify vehicle location information with the generation of historical reports.

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Geofence Boundaries

Customize high frequent delivery & service locations and be alerted when vehicles arrive & depart.

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Engine Diagnostics

Monitor the operating performance of your vehicles with engine diagnostics and trouble codes (DTCs).

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Route Verification

Confirm your vehicle took a specific route and was present for passenger pickup.

Reduce Costs

Reducing harsh driving behavior saves on fuel consumption.

Peace of Mind

Prove mental peace of mind for parents in the community.

Improved Record Keeping

Exonerate drivers in situations where they are contested in accidents and location disputes.

Save Time

Save time with a real-time view of your bus location.

Reduce Labor Costs

Efficient fleets can yield up to $5,000/year in reduced labor expense by improving operations.

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Got Questions? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, feel free to contact us.

How do I install a MF3640 School Bus Monitoring device?

It is recommended to have a professional installer perform the installations of the MF3640 into your buses.

What vehicle connector cable is compatible with my bus?

The MF3640 supports a series of heavy duty vehicle connector cables (1708, J1939, OBD) that supports a plug'n play installation. Please consult with a 2-track sales specialist prior to ordering your MF3640 bundle.

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