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Commercial Dash Cam Solution

Improve fleet safety and lower the risk of false claims by using an in-vehicle video monitoring system.

Protect your commercial fleet, drivers, and your business.

2-track offers peace of mind to fleet managers with the fully integrated dash cam solution. With 2-track + Vision, fleet managers and businesses can monitor their vehicles during all driving activities. At ignition on, video recording begins, allowing for remote, live, real-time camera views or for historical event recording before and after a triggered event occurs.

Customizable event reporting is made possible with the built-in accelerometer permitting fleet managers to almost instantly see events and video evidence within the online platform. 2-track + Vision offers fleet managers and businesses the evidence and training tools to coach its drivers, maintain a safe fleet, and protect the business from false claims.

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4G LTE Cellular/WiFi HD Dash Cam

LTE Cellular Connectivity with SD card storage ensures video recordings are captured, recorded, and delivered.

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Full HD Video (1080p)

Full HD 1080p video with HDR and infrared LED for low-light recording and night vision.

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Real-Time Driver Alerts

Incident event recording & video playback using a cloud-based web application.

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Protect Company Drivers From False Claims

Recorded video protects your company drivers when they are in the right and are accused of wrong doing.

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Exonerate A Driver With Video Proof

Defend your drivers with proof of their actions.

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Improve Driver Safety via Video Training

Coach company drivers & improve driver retention.

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Automatic Cloud Upload

3 months of online video storage.

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Reduce Insurance Fraud

Defend your driver and stop false claims about their performance.

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Purpose-built for commercial applications.

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Record Driver Behavior & The Results

Categorize video events to aid in driver coaching and management.

A Rugged, in-Vehicle 4G LTE/WiFi HD Camera for your Fleet.

Rugged Aluminum Alloy Industrial Design

1080p HD Front Facing Camera (optional 720p Rear Facing Camera)

32GB SD Card Included (expandable to 128GB for increased storage).

Incident Based Recording with Auto-Upload to Cloud Storage

Web Application for Replay, Review, and Video Management.

Got Questions? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, feel free to contact us.

Can you use the 2-track + Vision without a GPS Tracking Device installed in the vehicle?

Yes. The 2-track + Vision can be used without a GPS Tracking Device in the vehicle. The camera will be added to your 2-track Software Application as a device and you will then gain access to your video recordings application through your 2-track login.

How many videos can be uploaded to the Cloud Web Application?

Maximum of 3GB of video clips. The Cloud Web Application storage is limited to 90 days of storage. After those 90 days, videos are purged/deleted from the system. Videos can be downloaded in .MP4 format for long term storage, training, and sharing.

When does the 2-track + Vision Camera record and what is sent to the cloud storage application?

The 2-track + Vision Camera continuously records. 10 second video clips are auto-uploaded containing 5 seconds before and 5 after following a triggered event based on the built in accelerator monitoring your driver's behavior.

Can I tag videos for quick reference in the Web Application?

Yes. Uploaded videos to the Cloud Web Application can be tagged with a variety of pre-selected and custom tags to ensure your videos can be managed and located in the future.

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