Temp Monitoring

Deliver convenient, real-time temperature data right to your desktop or mobile device

Meet today's demanding temperature - sensitive delivery requirements

2-track now utilizes the ultimate tool in fleet management; sensors. As a fleet manager, you will be able to obtain valuable temperature data of your vehicles directly in your monitoring tab of your platform. It has never been easier to track your vehicles and maintain consistent temperature record keeping all in one location. 2-track is always updating its platform so you and your fleet can have the latest in fleet management platform technology.

Integrated into 2-track

Do not have to logout and back into a different account.

Maximize Fleet Operations

Monitor internal trailer zones of goods


Meets federal Food Safety Modernization Act to stay compliant with federal law.


Meets Food and Drug Administration requirements to stay compliant.


Not easy to tamper with.

Multiple Uses

In vehicle or at stationary location: restaurant refrigerator, bar, warehouse, manufacturing, and many more.

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Vast Usage

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Vast Usage

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How often does this device report into the platform?

As little as every 30 seconds.

Can it get real-time alerts on extreme high or low temperatures?


Where can I install this device?

Anywhere with a 12V DC power source. Includes cars, trucks, vans, refrigerators, or houses.

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