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2-track offers many types and styles of GPS Tracking Devices to meet your needs.



The MF2630 offers light duty vehicles a covert installed GPS device to your fleet of light duty vehicles. Install in trucks, vans, and personal vehicles to obtain location information and driver behavior information giving your business insight into your driver’s performance. The MF2630 can be bundled with various accessories such as Driver ID Buttons, Ignition Interrupt, Seat Belt Sensors, Temperature Sensors and Fuel Level Sensor to enhance its baseline functionality.

The MF2630 provides undetected installation options.

MF2630 can help you monitor vehicle location and usage behaviors.

The MF2630 provides a series of feature rich add-on possibilities.


Discover the power of the MF2630

LTE Connectivity

Driver Behavior

Vehicle Location Management

Real-Time Monitoring

Reduced Labor Cost


Lower Fuel Cost


Improve Driver Safety

Save Time

The MF2630 is a robust, affordable device you can count on for any vehicle in your fleet. The MF2630 incorporates wireless communications with extra-sensitive GPS, a powerful processing engine, and a 3-axis accelerometer that detects the acts of hard braking, aggressive accelerations, and vehicle impacts.

The MF2630 is designed to offer your fleet a covert installation with feature rich expandability. It includes an internal battery for last gasp location and device removal notifications.

- Harsh Acceleration
- Harsh Turning
- Harsh Braking
- Impact Detection
- GPS Location
- Speed
- Vehicle Battery Voltage
- Vehicle Idle Time
- Device Removal Alert
- Remote Device Management

- Device-Side Logged Messages

- Internal Antenna

- External Antenna (Window Mount)

- Driver ID (iButton)

- Starter Interrupt

- Temperature Probe

- Fuel Level Sensor

- Seat Belt Sensors

- RFID Reader


Reporting Frequency: 30 Seconds
Installation Time: <20 Minutes

Variant I: CAT-1 (AT&T, TMO)
Bands: 2,4,5,12
Variant II: CAT-1 (Verizon)
Bands: 4,13

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