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Light Duty

A Cargo Van, Pick-Up Truck & Passenger Vehicle Solution

Reduce Costs, Optimize Your Fleet & Protect Your Drivers

2-track provides instant awareness of your overall fleet performance and productivity. Increase customer satisfaction, lower fuel costs, reduce aggressive driver behavior, and increase your bottom line with alerts, notifications, reports, and vehicle operating/performance information.

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Real-Time Monitoring

Remotely manage your fleet with accurate up to the minute location information.

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Vehicle Location Management

Monitor the location of your vehicles and make better decisions based on their location.

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Alerts & Notifications

Be notified of triggered events such as speeding events, harsh driving behaviors, and departure/arrival times.

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Lower Fuel Costs

Reduce fuel consumption by lowering idle time and driving behavior.

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Historical Reporting

Verify vehicle location information with the generation of historical reports.

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Improve Driver Safety

Improve driver safety and reduce up to 66% of driving habits that lead to accidents

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Geofence Boundaries

Customize high frequent delivery & service locations and be alerted when vehicles arrive & depart.

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Increase Bottom Line

Increase your revenue by up tp 20% with the assistance of 2-track solutions.

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Engine Diagnostics
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Monitor the operating performance of your vehicles with engine diagnostics and trouble codes (DTCs).

Save Time

Decrease the amount of time making operational decisions.

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Driver Behavior

Record harsh driving behaviors and coach drivers with a driver scorecard.

Reduce Labor Costs

Increased efficiencies leads to reduction in labor costs.

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ELD Ready

Got Questions? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, feel free to contact us.

What solution should I choose? MF3030 vs MF2630

Purchase the MF3030 if you are looking for a Plug'n Play 5 minute installation and you are looking to benefit from Engine Diagnostic and Vehicle Engine Data.

Purchase the MF2630 if you are looking for a covert installation requiring a hard-wired installation which does not support Engine Diagnostic and Vehicle Engine Data. A professional installation is recommended.

Do you offer a Mobile App?

Yes. 2-track Mobile App is available for both Android and IOS.

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