Power Take Off

Designed to divert a percentage of the engine's power to other systems

Monitoring PTO (Power Take Off) Usage Can Maximize Your Business

With all the great features 2-track has to offer, this feature tops them all. With the ability to detect an additional source of power through a 12V connection, you can now see when and how your assets are being used. This valuable data can allow you to make decisions geared toward making more revenue for years to come.

Instant Usage Notification 

Be notified when equipment is in use and how many hours it was in use.

Monitor Maintenance 

By keeping track of maintenance, you can ensure a longer life span for your equipment and vehicles.


Be notified instantly when a PTO is triggered inside of a specific geofence.

Hydraulic Usage

When triggered, instant notifications are sent.

Lower Operational Costs

By keeping up on maintenance and equipment wear/tear.

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Vast Usage

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What does this work with?

Lights and sirens on police vehicles, salters, plows, and landscaping equipment, booms, and shovels. Anything with a 12V DC power source.

How many pieces of equipment can I trick with this one device?

1 device on a vehicle can monitor 2 inputs or power. For example: lights (1) & sirens (2).

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