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2-track offers many types and styles of GPS Tracking Devices to meet your needs.



The MF603 is an asset tracker providing real-time visibility into trailer and container tracking through the use of solar powered technology. Access true data, GPS location, and device communication instantly when utilizing this unique IP67 rated device. Fleet managers have complete transparency of location, speed, and battery level percentage. The MF603 is a great solution for long-term deployments, extreme weather conditions, or trailer lot maintenance monitoring for all size fleets and managers.

MF603 can be used on any non-powered equipment or vehicle requiring exterior mounting.

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Increase asset utilization through increase visibility with the MF603.

MF603 is ready to alert you when out of range.


Discover the power of the MF603

IP67 Rating

Real-Time Monitoring

Increase Asset Utilization


Long-Term Installations

Save Time

Location Management

Additional Sensors Available

Solar Powered (4 month battery)

Lot Maintenance Monitoring

The MF603 is a Dynamic Tracking device with a 1 GPS fix/minute while moving sustained for 5-7 year life (under normal usage) solar tracker. It is enabled with the capability to add sensor monitoring such as Temperature Monitoring and Door Open/Closed Monitoring with an easy to setup slap and tack installation. Quickly locate your assets with the MF603 for lot maintenance or while they are on the move.

The MF603 is a great solution for Trailer Tracking, Long-term Deployments, Harsh Environments, and Non-Powered Assets.


- Not Available

- Slap n Track

Variant I: CAT-1 (AT&T)
Bands: 2,4,5,12,13

Reporting Frequency: Variable, optimized for battery life.

Installation Time: <10 Minutes


- Temperature Sensor

- Door Open/Close Sensor

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