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Enterprise Software Solution

An Asset Management & Tracking Solution


Our Platform that Satisfies Any Fleet Business Requirements

2-track is an enterprise grade, fleet management solution that enables companies to optimize their fleet operations by increasing their operational efficiencies and decreasing costs, such as fuel consumption, labor & maintenance - and possible even insurance premiums. The 2-track platform is a highly customizable, cloud based GPS fleet tracking and management software designed to enable fleets with the latest technology at an affordable price. 

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Driver Behavior Education
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ELD Requirements
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Logistics Services
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Sensor Monitoring
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Video Monitoring
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Customized Reports
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Speed Notificaitons
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Traffic Mapping
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Power Take Off

Any company can offer you tracking services for your fleet, but when you work with 2-track,

you receive a platform with tools that are designed for drivers, dispatchers, and managers.


With the 2-Track Platform, you will have full visibility of all your assets. Quickly locate and track your equipment on a single web-based dashboard. See the location, current status, historical reports, and much more in the 2-Track Platform.

By monitoring and analyzing data, you and your fleet team can see where expenses are high, performance is low, and what actually matter to your business operations.


By using 2-track, you will gain access to our preexisting library of over 150 uploaded reporting templates, or have the ability to completely customize your report based on data needs.

Create virtual perimeters around your assets to help protect them from unauthorized use or theft. If any of your assets move, you will know about it instantly.


Receive instant notifications by SMS or email the moment an event is triggered. With 2-track, you can completely customize these alerts for speeding, geofences, driver behavior, and more.

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Got questions? We've got answers. For more information, contact us.

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