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Personal Vehicle

Vehicle Monitoring and Tracking Solutions

Vehicle Monitoring, Driver Safety & Increase Security

Keep your family safe in a well maintained vehicle with 2-track's remote access to engine trouble codes & vehicle performance information. Families with first time drivers or elderly family members can be alerted of vehicle usage, location information, and driver behavior habits to keep drivers safe. 2-track supports vehicle theft recovery and can even assist in traffic violation defense.

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Quick and Easy Installation

Plug'n Play installation allows you to get set up in 5 minutes.

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Historical Reporting

Benefit from your vehicle location history - know where, when, and how your vehicle arrived at its destination.

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Real-Time Location Information

Monitor the usage of family vehicles remotely to ensure all trips are safe.

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Maintenance Reminders

Be notified of mileage based maintenance schedules.

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Driver Behavior Alerts

Be notified when speeding events, harsh braking, and excessive acceleration occur.

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Improve Driver Safety

Coach young drivers with the assistance of a driver scorecard.

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Location Arrival & Departure Alerts

Receive alerts with custom geo-fence boundaries around frequent arrival and departure locations such as places of work, school, or family homes.

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Vehicle Diagnostics

Be alerted to maintain your vehicle when the check engine light comes on.

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Plug'n Play

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Covert Install

What solution should I choose? MF3030 vs MF2630

Purchase the MF3030 if you are looking for a Plug'n Play 5 minute installation and you are looking to benefit from Engine Diagnostic and Vehicle Engine Data.

Purchase the MF2630 if you are looking for a covert installation requiring a hard-wired installation which does not support Engine Diagnostic and Vehicle Engine Data. A professional installation is recommended.

Can all my family vehicles be in one account?

Yes. You can add any number of vehicles into your account.

Do you offer a Mobile App?

Yes. You can choose from the 2-track Mobile App or the 2-track Consumer App.

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