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Personal Vehicle
Light Duty

Connected Car Solution for Automobiles

Pickup Trucks, Passenger Vehicles, & Delivery Vans

Trailer Tracker
Asset Tracker

Powered or Unpowered Trailer Tracking

Tracks Just About Anything You Can Imagine

Dash Cam
Temp Monitoring

Any Vehicle, Two Camera Options

Refrigerated Trailers, Cargo Vans

Heavy Duty

Big Rigs, Buses, Commercial & Agriculture Equipment

School Bus

Bus Company, School or District

Power Take Off

Engine Run-Time, Operation Status

Select one of the recommended solutions to learn more.

SpeedGauge (Add On)
ChatterBox (Add On)

Driver Scorecard, Speed Mgmt., Customized Road Speeds, Fast ROIs

Communicate Directly with Drivers via Text or SMS Messages

ELD (Add On)

Enabling Professional Truck Drivers to Track Hours of Service (HOS) Compliance

OpenWeather (Add On)
Hecterra (Add On)

Solution for Agribusiness: Control Crops Rotation and Field Works with Hecterra

Real-Time Accurate Weather Reporting

Fleetrun (Add On)

A Solution for Maintenance Control





Reduction in Fuel Expenses

Increase in Productivity

Increase in Vehicle Utilization

Reduction in Overtime

The 2-Track Platform

2-track is an enterprise grade, fleet management solution that enables companies to optimize their fleet operations by increasing their operational efficiencies and decreasing costs, such as fuel consumption, labor, & maintenance - and possibly even insurance premiums. The 2-track platform is a highly customizable, cloud-based GPS fleet tracking and management software designed to enable fleets with the latest technology at an affordable price.

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