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Our user-friendly web-based fleet management solution provides a real-time view of where your vehicles are, and where they have been. You will have access to extensive reports that show when your vehicles got on the road, the amount of time it was at a stop, idle time, its speed, and much more. 2-Track Fleet gives you another set of eyes, constantly watching your company’s assets, and the bottom line.

Supply Chain security is often overlooked due to the size and scope of issues that shippers face. Once your Cargo or package leaves its origins, there are nearly unlimited risks including damage, theft, piracy and terrorism. Traditional security measures such as locks, tamper-evident seals, and credentials are only a piece of the puzzle. New risks demand new thinking. This is where 2-Track Fleet can help.

Your company’s most valuable and important assets will often be your people in the field. Traveling the world can be hectic and dangerous, in both developed and underdeveloped countries. You can keep track of your company’s most important and valuable assets – your employees – with an easy, affordable tracking solution. Your employees will feel safer knowing that 2-Track Fleet is on guard.

2-Track specializes in mobile asset and workforce management.  At our center we are a true technology company.  We can design your custom telematics solution efficiently and with unmatched quality.  Contact us for more information on what we can do for you.

HOS Reporter is a two-in-one driver friendly compliance solution at one low price. The HOS Reporter Pro is designed to serve the unique needs of the owner-operator and small fleet trucking market.

Industry Leading Cloud-Based Insulation Software

The FieldGroove CRM automates your service industry business through our proprietary workflow, available integrations, GPS tracking and more.



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