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Fleet Management Solutions for assets that are normally tethered to 12/24 volts system but may set idle for some periods such as trailers and cargo containers. It also employs over-the-air device management and maintenance system software that allows for remote configuration.

  • 6-Month Battery, Rechargeable Trailer Tracking Unit
    The pTrac-500 is a 12/24 volt rechargeable tracker designed for reliable, multi-year deployments. It is an ideal solution for managing assets that are normally tethered to 12/24 volts system but may set idle for some periods such as trailers and cargo containers.

    Competitive Price, Competitive Technology, Competitive Edge
    The pTrac-500 from Atlas Tracking Solutions is a fully sealed 12/24 volt or battery operated asset tracking and communications device featuring a sealed enclosure, superior cellular and GPS performance, and exceptional power management. It is designed to operate for up to 500 data transmissions or 18 months without messages and a final 30 minute tracking session before recharging is needed. With a single message transmission per day, the pTrac-500 will have an operational life of 6 months in the field before needing to be recharged. The battery pack is rechargeable to extend the working life of the to multiple years.

    The sealed enclosure is designed to withstand the outdoor elements and is made possible by superior internal antennas for both cellular and GPS.

    The pTrac-500 employs an industry leading on-board alert engine. This advanced application monitors vehicle conditions and supports hundreds of customized exception-based rules to help meet customers’ dynamic requirements. Customers can modify the behavior of the device to meet several applications before shipment or in the field. Combining affordability and device intelligence with your unique application provides the most flexible tracking device in its class.

    Over-the-Air Serviceability
    The pTrac-500 also incorporates an industry leading over-the-air device management and maintenance system software. Configuration parameters, multiple rules, and firmware can all be updated over the air allowing for configurations that match your changing needs without revisiting the unit.

    • 500 Message Transmissions on a fully charged battery
    • 18 month battery life with 0 messages with a 30 minute final tracking session
    • 6 months with single message per day on fully charged battery
    • Superior Cellular and GPS quality
    • IP66 sealed enclosure
    • Built-in 3 axis accelerometer and motion sensing
    • 3 inputs/outputs
    • Built-in GPS/Cell antennas
    • Highly Configurable
    • Automatic, over-the-air configuration and firmware upgrade on power-up

    • 6 month battery life with one message per day on fully charged batteries
    • 3.8 AH Lithium Ion re-chargeable battery pack
    • IP66 sealed enclosure
    • GPRS and SMS-Based messaging
    • Internal GSM and GPS antennas
    • Super Sensitive GPS (~160 dBm tracking)
    • Ultra-Low Power Safe Mode (< 1mA)
    • 3 axis accelerometer for motion sensing
    • 3 inputs/outputs
    • Voltage Monitoring and Low Battery Notification
    • 2,000 Buffered Messages
    • 4 Built-In Geofences

    Optional Features/Functions

    • Automatic, Over-The-Air Unit Configuration
    • Over-the-air Firmware Download
    • Web-based device management

  • General Specifications
    Communication Modes GPRS packet data and SMS
    Location Technology 50 Channel GPS
    Operating Voltage 6-32 VDC

    Location Specifications
    Location Technology 50 Channel GPS (with SBAS, DGPS)
    Location Accuracy 2.0 meter CEP (with SBAS)
    Tracking Sensitivity -160 dBm (tracking)
    AGPS Capable

    Battery Pack Specifications
    Battery Capacity 3.8 Amp Hour
    Battery Operating Voltage 3.6 Volts
    Battery Technology Lithium Ion

    GSM Specifications
    Data Support SMS, GPRS (UDP)
    Cellular/PCS: FCC-Parts 22,24; PTCRB
    GPRS Up to class 10
    Quad Band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
    Output Power 850 (Class 4) 2W
    900 (Class 4) 2W
    1800 (Class 1) 1W
    1900 (Class 1) 1W

    Comprehensive I/O
    Inputs 3
    Relay Driver Outputs (150 mA) 3
    Status LEDs GPS and Cellular

    Fully Certified FCC, CE, IC, PTCRB, CARRIERS

    Electrical Specifications
    Operating Voltage 6-32 VDC
    Power Consumption
    Deep Sleep Sleep on Network Active Standby

    Physical Specifications
    Dimensions 110 x 80 x 40 mm
    4.3 x 3.2 x 1.6 Inches with mounting
    Weight .6 lb

    Environmental Specifications
    Operating Temperature -30° to +75° Celsius
    Storage Temperature -40° to +85° Celsius
    Humidity 95%RH @ 50° C non-condensing
    Shock and Vibration US Military Standards 202G and
    810F, SAEJ1455
    EMC/EMI SAE J1113; FCC-Part 15B; Industry Canada
    RoHS Compliant

    Screw Mount
    Magnet Mount
    Tie Wrap