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aTrac-XT is a child and car locator but powerful enough to be used by security departments, law enforcement travellers and used in packages/cargo on the move. It can send alerts when the person carrying it goes out of a virtual boundary you set. It has play back historical journeys and you can see real-time status and receive a number of alerts/reports delivered to your mobile or email.

  • The aTrac-XT is a battery operated rechargeable micro tracking device that combines exceptional accuracy and long battery life in an incredibly small form factor.

    Competitive Price, Competitive Technology, Competitive Edge
    This device is small enough to be carried by children, but powerful enough to be used by security departments and law enforcement. It can withstand the harshest weather environments and offers advanced features not found in other devices on the market. The rugged enclosure is designed to withstand the outdoor elements that are typically seen by people traveling or used in packages/cargo on the move. Superior accuracy is made possible by advanced internal antennas for both cellular and GPS.  A Panic Button allows for rapid notification of a duress situation.

    The Lite is perfect for executive protection services, personnel tracking, child safety, or any other application where having insight allows remote management and peace of mind. Small and light weight, handing over an aTrac-XT is the easiest way to have a presence when you can’t physically be there

    This device utilizes our best-in-class server platform which allows you to alert on virtual boundary (geo-fence) violations, play back historical journeys, see real-time status and receive a number of alerts/reports delivered to your mobile or email. Our partners can provide 24×7 coverage via their state of the art command centers as an added service.

    • Global GSM Coverage – Over 860 net-works in 220 countries / area of the world
    • Operation via Cell tower or GPS position-ing allowing for extended real-time tracking without excessive battery drain
    • Long battery life – 3D Motion sensor ex-tends life over 3X previous model
    • Utilizes the same industry-leading plat-form as our vehicle, mobile phone as as-set tracking solutions
    • Low battery Alerts
    • Quad-Band GSM for optimal coverage
    • Flexible reporting intervals allow for best mix of battery and coverage
    • Panic button
    • Options to disable power button

    • 1300 mAh rechargeable Li-Polymer battery
    • IPX5 weatherproof rating
    • Email and SOS Alerts (server-side)
    • Panic Button
    • Unlimited Geo-fences (server-side)
    • Low Power, On, Off Alarm
    • 500 Buffered Messages for no GSM coverage
    • 5 Built-In Geo-fences
    • Mini-USB charging interface
    • Charger included

  • General Specifications
    Communication Modes GPRS packet data and SMS
    Operation Voltage 3.7 V

    Location Specifications
    Location Technology uBlox
    Location Channel 20 Channel all-in-view tracking
    AGPS Info AssistNow Autonomous Mode
    Acquisition 29s Cold, 1s Hot (Typical)
    Sensitivity -161 dBm, Cold –147 dBm

    Fully certified FCC, CE, IC, PTCRB, CARRIERS

    Battery life (estimates)
    Without Reporting 180-200 hours
    5 Minutes Reporting 70-88 hours
    10 Minutes Reporting 86-108 hours

    Electrical Specifications
    Operating Voltage 3.7 V Internal Battery
    Capacity 1300 mAh
    Charge External A/C Adapter
    Wireless Charge Station

    Physical Specifications
    Dimensions 67 X 37 X 20 mm
    2.63 X 1.46 X 0.79 Inches
    Weight 60g, 2.12oz
    LED Indicators Power / GSM Network / GPS
    Buttons Power / SOS

    Environment Specifications
    Operating Temperature -20° to +60° Celsius