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The following pages show a brief overview of the tracking system.  
We support tracking for vehicles, people and assets.  
Data is transmitted to our server and presented to you in near real-time.  
Historical data is saved for at least one year.  

The STATUS Screen

ee1 When you log in, you will be presented with a MAP view (with a familiar MS BING or Google Map). Optionally, you may see the status screen which shows a summary of all devices. If you do not see it upon login, click “status” in the upper right hand corner. You can switch back and forth from the status screen to the map view by clicking the Map button in the top right hand corner, or jumping directly to one of the devices by clicking the small globe Globe.Globe

Setting user preferences, and email alerts

You can set your default login screen (map vs. status) by selecting the option on the “configuration” section in the top left hand corner.

Signing up for Email Alerts

Click the second tab on the email screen. Enter an address, then select “ADD
Next press the “DETAIL” button to add trackers
Finally, add alerts to each tracker

Changing Tracker Name/Icon

From the map screen, click one of these [+] button to change tracker details or map view
From the tracker information screen, you can change a number of parameters as shown here. **NOTE** the “Display nearest cell tower” is useful for when a device does not have accurate GPS coverage. In this case, the nearest tower will be shown. Note that cell tower accuracy varies greatly depending on carrier, geography, etc. For example, in the countryside, accuracy may be over a mile away. In the city or on major highways, it tends to be closer to the actual location. Also, in some rare cases, cell towers may be improperly mapped showing a device in the wrong part of the world. Use it cautiously. The system will always display a GPS location if available, and if this box is selected, cell tower will be displayed if no GPS is available.

The Journey Player

Use the Journey player to see a graphical picture of a device’s history


Click the geofence option to set fences. Be sure to turn on email alerts for geofences (see screenshot) if you want email or sms alerts. Fence in/out events will show up on reports and on the journey player.          

Maintenance Alerts

Use our tools to know about important vehicle maintenance tasks such as changing oil, rotating tires, or annual inspections. Maintenance Picture 2 maintenance1 maintenance5